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Road Safety

Road Safety

By the time you have read this page, at least five people will have died in road traffic crashes somewhere around the world. 

Road crashes are the leading killer of children and youth worldwide with over 1.19 million deaths per year.

As the global population grows, inevitably so does the number of cars on the roads.

It’s the poorest countries who suffer the most.

Over 50 million people are also injured in non-fatal crashes every year, causing an enormous burden of disability. 

  • Road traffic injuries disproportionately affect a young working population and the cost to individuals, families and governments is enormous.
  • Injuries and their associated healthcare costs are a common cause of poverty and bankruptcy.

 Effective pre-hospital care dramatically improves the casualties’ chance of survival.

  • Emergency care for injury is at the core of the post-crash response. 
  • Effective care of the injured requires a series of time-sensitive actions, beginning with activation of the emergency care system:
    • care at the scene
    • Transport
    • facility-based care

 FIRE AID response: we are a member of the UN Road Safety Group working dedicated to improving post-crash response, awareness and actions. This includes a quick turn out to the correct scene of an incident, effective extrication of casualties and onward medical care.