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What We Do

All over the world, dedicated fire fighters are constantly responding to disasters with insufficient protective clothing or equipment. Many are volunteers, and some are even wearing flip flops. At the same time, other countries are sending their used, end-of-life equipment to landfill or for scrap.

At FIRE AID, we believe passionately that there is a better solution to this paradox.

The role of a firefighter is to be a first responder.  As well as fires, these responsibilities include road traffic accidents, search and rescue, flood disasters, and wildfires.

Our goal is to ensure the safety of our fellow first responders around the world so they, in turn, can help improve the safety of their own communities. 

How do we do it?  

We provide long-term, sustainable assistance to countries by understanding their exact needs and tailoring our response and aid accordingly. We locate and donate good quality, repurposed fire and rescue aid equipment together with hands-on, professional training.

We also deliver immediate disaster response where needed.  Our members are deployed to affected regions, for example the earthquake in Turkey in February 2023, providing search and rescue experts to find survivors in the rubble and bring hope to the communities who have been left devastated.