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Thika, Kenya

Following on from the delivery of training and a fire appliance, donated by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service in 2014, Staffordshire Emergency Services Humanitarian Aid Association (SESHAA) has supplied in 2015 a fully equipped 4×4 fire fighting vehicle and further PPE to the International Centre of Technology (ICT) in Thika, Kenya.


Kenya Officers

SESHAA instructors will deliver a 2 week training programme in the autumn of 2015. It is planned that a further fire appliance and ambulance will be donated to the ICT in summer 2016.

UK fire engine in Kenya
In 2014, SESHAA in partnership with Out of Afrika delivered a fully equipped fire appliance, PPE and extrication equipment to the ICT. Training for the equipment was provided by New York Medics.

The ICT is located in the outskirts of Thika in the Central Province of Kenya. It was established in January 2007 under the management of Out of Afrika – a charity that works at grassroots level with communities in Kenya. The ICT offers academic courses in Information Technology, Business, Community Development, Vocational Training, and Disaster Management. It works in collaboration with several national and international institutions to provide students with local and overseas qualifications. Due to continued expenses and a growing focus on investment in modern facilities, the college seeks to expand opportunities for professional qualifications.

The 2014 team at the ICT

A partnership has now been formed with the county governments in Kenya to help them to develop capacity in firefighting, first aid training, fire and ambulance response services and disaster management. This partnership will ensure that ICT Fire & Rescue provides world-class education and training. The supply of international aid in the form of fire appliances, ambulances, equipment and training through qualified instructors assures the sustainability of the ICT courses.