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3 UK fire engines in Russia

Kursk, Russia

Since 2017, EASST’s in-country partner Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club (BKA) has used EASST’s Road Safety Education Pack to train teachers on how road safety can be introduced to children in a fun and practical way that ensures children gain the skills and knowledge they need to keep safe on the road.
The Pack was then introduced in several schools across the district. Each session involved around 60 children aged between 6 and 14 years old. The children were divided into age groups so that the training would be age appropriate and relevant.

The activities encouraged the children to think about their own journeys to and from school and identify any risks they might face, as well as focusing on the importance of being visible when walking at night and why they should always use child restraints when traveling by car. The training also focused on safe cycling, covering the highway code for cyclists and steps to take when cycling in the rain and in the dark. The BKA also showed the children how to check their bikes for safety and how to properly fasten a helmet.

Every child who too part in the training also received brochures, reflective elements, stickers and a certificate which they could show their parents and tell them what they have learned. The most active participants also received bicycle helmets and some sweets as prizes from the BKA.

The training proved the real efficiency of the EASST Road Safety Education Pack and gained great popularity amongst both the children and teachers. The BKA plans to actively use the Education Packs in their future projects as a part of road safety education of children.

Kursk, Russia