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United Kingdom Rescue Organisation: Ukraine International Development Programme

Fri 22, Dec, 2017

FIRE AID founding member, UKRO, has completed its first phase of training and donations in Ukraine. 

The UKRO are a founding member of FIRE AID. In support of the FIRE AID and International Development mission statement the UKRO IDP team have recently completed phase one of a five-year programme in Ukraine. The objective of the programme is to provide a platform for UK rescue personnel to share and advance rescue science and technology with colleagues in the Poltava Oblast region of Ukraine, and to develop and enhance proficiency in vehicle rescue, incident command and medical care. 

Since 2015, Ukraine has been undergoing a substantial reform programme. The reform has a number of clear goals that impact on all National and Regional Government departments, including the Department State Service of Ukraine Emergency Situations who are tasked with improving standards, governance, quality and collaboration in the service they provide.



Two years on, significant progress has been made towards the implementation of the reforms, with local government services now having greater control and decision-making powers. With these new responsibilities, Vladimir Salogub, Head of the Department State Service of Ukraine Emergency Situations, Poltava Oblast, approached the UKRO and issued an invitation to visit Poltava Oblast to determine what support could be offered to improve emergency response standards. The UKRO IDP team, headed by the Ukraine Project Lead Ian Marritt, visited the Poltava Oblast region between the 22nd August and 27th August 2016 to undertake a scoping visit. The scoping team participated in focus group discussions with the relevant departments. The various discussions, meetings and observations provided valuable knowledge and information that served as a basis for the recommendation to develop a five-year plan to provide training, equipment and to introduce the Rescue Challenge Concept.

In the Poltava Region there has been a significant decline in road traffic collisions in recent years but the number of fatalities has remained consistent. The main factors for this are that the standard of pre-hospital care remains at a basic to intermediate standard, specialist rescue equipment is limited, and the provision for training is basic. The goal of the UKRO IDP in  Ukraine is to tackle these areas by providing equipment and training, with a long-term strategy of introducing the Rescue Challenge Concept which will ensure that standards are defined and measurable, as well as providing a method of sustainable self-development. 

In early October 2017, a UKRO IDP team of four travelled to Ukraine to provide phase one of the training to fire crews in Poltava City and Kremenchuk. Both groups of firefighters took part in an intensive two-day training programme which culminated in a series of challenging exercises. Funded by HFR Solutions (Humberside Fire and Rescue Service’s trading company) this first stage allowed the UKRO IDP team to provide input on a casualty centred team approach, new techniques and enhanced medical care.

To further complement the training provided by the UKRO IDP team, Holmatro donated a full set of hydraulic rescue equipment which will greatly improve the rescue capabilities of the firefighter’s and ultimately save lives in the Poltava Oblast region.  The donation from Holmatro was gifted to  Ukraine as part of a recently signed four-year agreement between the two organisations which will see Holmatro provide 100,000 Euros of rescue tools to UKRO IDP projects.

Over the next four years the UKRO IDP goal is to continue to supply equipment donated by UKRO partners and UK Fire and Rescue Service’s to compliment the training. Humberside Fire and Rescue Service has kindly donated two appliances and four sets of hydraulic rescue equipment which will be driven to the Ukraine in early 2018.

Should you be interested in supporting the UKRO IDP Ukraine project, please email Stevie Nesbit, the UKRO Director for International Development at

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